Celebrating individuality, resilience and creativity

Wow, we have been absolutely blown away by the amount of talent on show at our inaugural online art show, ADAPT 2020. 

This year, there were over 50 entries submitted, from a diverse breadth of media, including: graphite and pencil drawings, textiles, photography, painting, woodwork and videography.

Well done to everyone who contributed! 

A big thank you to the teachers and coaches who encouraged their learners and students to participate.  

“Art is pretty important in the sense that it does represent the human creativity and imagination of what we think, determine and provide at any given time. The wonderful thing about art is it invades our lives in all sorts of different ways that we don’t even realise. Whether it be the design of a car that we might be in, or sculptures, paintings, or poetry. The great thing about art is that it invokes something in all of us.”

and the winners are...

Students, Coaches and Teachers were invited to vote for their favourite artwork.  On October 22 we held an awards ceremony. Over 120 people logged in to the Zoom meeting to see the winners announced.

Certificates of Participation were awarded to all artists. 

Third Place (Draw)

Awarded $50 gift card

Sarah H, Mildura

Snake Dot Painting

Tegan S, Wodonga

Broken Compass

Second Place (Draw)

Awarded $100 gift card

Bob S, Bendigo

What is Anxiety

First Place

Awarded $150 gift card

All remaining participants received a $20 gift card. 

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the Adapt Online Art Show.  In what has been a strange year of distant and remote learning, creating and making artworks was the catalyst that brought us all together.   We are looking forward to hosting something similar in the future. Watch this space in 2021!