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Adapt 2020 is an online art gallery showcasing our learner’s creativity and imagination. Throughout 2020, students from around Australia are contributing artworks to the Adapt art show.



Frequently Asked Questions

All students and learners studying at Indie School, The Australian College of Higher Education and the Let’s Go re-engagement program can submit artworks to Adapt 2020.

Contact your Indie School teacher or Australian College of Higher Education coach to find out more.

Painting, drawing, photography, video, woodwork, sculpture, textiles, pottery and everything in between.  The only limit is your imagination!

In the year 2020 – where everyone’s resilience is being put to the test – “Adapt” seemed like the most fitting title for our online art show. Adaptability and resilience are strengths that can benefit you for life. These are just some of the skills we aim to grow through our training programs.

Our Programs

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Indie School’s learning models are designed for senior secondary aged students who have experienced difficulties in traditional school environments.

Let's Go

The Let’s Go re-engagement programs help empower students to overcome the personal barriers which have led to their disengagement from education.

Australian College of Higher Education

An out-of-classroom option for those with extra learning needs. Coaches deliver employment-focused training programs designed to improve literacy and numeracy skills. Individually or in small group sessions.