Mickaylah P

Let's Go

Mildura Victoria


Graphite illustration on paper, by Mickaylah P, from Mildura Victoria.

“Billy Lumos (Skeet Alridge) is one of the characters within the movie Scream which is a suspense based horror. After watching the movie it came to light that Billy was one of the people behind the mask and that’s how he adapted his alter ego and did terrible things. This piece of grey lead is a new style I wanted to try where it blended two faces into one image. A very powerful piece for me and I’m so happy with the outcome. My coach has commented that it is amazing and that we could all “Wear a mask”!”


Adapt 2020 is a collaborative art show featuring artworks from students and learners at Indie School, The Australian College of Higher Education and the Let’s Go re-engagement program.